Corporate Ideology / Main Message

30 years ago, we were honored to have our company policy penned by the late Mitsuwo Aida.
For those of us in the fashion business, we must create original designs reflecting the now, and products that can satisfy the adapting tastes of our customers.
And in order to enjoy that lingering aftertaste from our customers for a long time, we feel that letting not just our clever techniques, but the love and feelings of us makers carefully permeate through our products is important above all else.
The Fieldstone Why Group started from bags, and now, those items have expanding into hair accessories and pet goods.

We want to load our feelings onto all of our products, and spread them throughout Japan, Asia and the world.

President and Representative Director
Ishihara Yuzo

President and Representative Director Ishihara Yuzo

Photo:Mitsuwo Aida's Message

Mitsuwo Aida's creation, the Why company policy