Personal information protection policy

[Regarding Why Co., Ltd. 's personal information protection policy and handling of information]

At Why Co., Ltd. , we take the following measures to protect personal information.

  1. We establish official regulations regarding information that can determine a specific person (hereafter referred to as "personal information").
  2. Our handling of personal information complies with the law and other standards.
  3. We recognize the importance of personal information protection, use personal information appropriately, and give staff related to information handling the necessary guidance and cautions in order to protect said information.
  4. When acquiring personal information from an individual, information is acquired within the scope of necessity, after informing from our site the concerned person regarding the purpose of use for that information.
  5. In regards to the website, cookies and IP address information cannot be used on their own to determine a specific person, therefore they are not considered personal information.
    However, when these pieces of information are used together with personal information, these pieces of information are treated as personal information.
    For the website run by Why Co., Ltd. , we disclose the purpose and method for using cookies and IP address information, even if they cannot be used to determine specific individuals.
    In addition, it is possible to refuse cookie information via browser settings.
    The current administrative system for this website does not perform services that utilize cookies, but if in the future we manage it via a system that doesn't allow service if cookies are refused, we will make an official announcement as such.
  6. We appropriately manage personal information offered by an individual, and absolutely never use or offer it outside the scope of the individual's consent. (However, necessary conditions are excluded in (1) certain situations based on legal provisions, and (2) in order to protect important benefits such as the lives, health or assets of an individual or the public.)
  7. Based on the agreement of the individual, we perform appropriate management of personal information, so that it is not leaked or re-offered by companies that do business by offering personal information, shipping/delivery companies, management entrepreneurs and the like.
  8. When business related to personal information is outsourced, we select outsourcing that meets a set level of security standards for personal information protection. Based on the contract, that company will take on equal responsibility as us with regards to the individual.
  9. When an individual wishes to reference, amend, erase, etc. , their own personal information, Why Co., Ltd. will, upon receipt of contact, handle this within a reasonable scope in accordance with the law. Please contact us via our switchboard or inquiry form.

Established June 1st, 2012 Why Co., Ltd. (